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What is the "touch" in Painting?

When talking about the "touch" of an Artist, we often refer to his style, his "paw" ("patte" in French). The Painter brings the "last touch" to his Artwork when he completes it. And a "touch of color" refers to a color that has been applied with a brush stroke. But did you know that the "picturial touch" has a slightly more precise meaning to describe a painting?

The dynamics of the painting

The "pictorial touch" ("touche picturale" in french) designates the way the Artists apply the painting on the canvas, or on any other support of their choice. It depends on the tool - brush, knife, fingers or other, on the material used - oil, acrylic or other - but also on the way of applying it. The brushstrokes, whether strong or restrained, constitute the "pictorial touch", that is to say the dynamics of the painting. The Creators can seek to erase themselves in order to achieve the illusion of reality or, on the contrary, to mark the Work of Art with their physical imprint. Thus, the "touch" can be fluid or frank, depending on the desired effect.

The Impressionist Revolution

If in Academic Art the Painters finished their Artwork by attenuating the "touch", the Impressionist revolution of the end of the 19th century changed the deal. The physical presence of the Artists  manifested more in their paintings. The "touch", resulting from their gestures, could therefore become deliberately thick and apparent. Impressionism turned artistic conventions upside down and continues to inspire today's artists. 

The Creator's mark

For Vincent Van Gogh, what testifies to the Artworks in progress gives the painting a natural and carnal result. More than with an image where the trace of its Creator has disappeared. At Bodjaro, we like to feel the "hand" of the Artists who created the pieces of art according to their story, their sensitivity and their emotions. The "touch" will be more difficult to perceive on a smooth print than on a hand-painted painting, which will be animated by its relief, its singularity and its “imperfection”.

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