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Offering a unique and original Artwork, hand painted by a talented Artist is a magnificent and original gift that can be given to a family member, a friend or a colleague.
A Painting can evoke a common story, a shared detail, a memorable journey, a distant memory, a sweet nostalgia or an assumed passion. There are plenty of opportunities: at Christmas, for a birthday, a baptism, a wedding, a housewarming party, a retirement, or simply a desire to please.
Bodjaro suggests a few ways to offer a Canvas to a loved one. To make the moment even more special, you have the option to write a personalized message. It will be printed on a beautiful sheet and placed carefully in the package with the Painting.

Entrée avec Tableau Portrait de Femme

Give a Painting to your soulmate

By what it evokes, an Artwork can symbolize a relationship, recall a place, an object, a song, an emotion shared during a common history.

A Painting can also evoke the future, when an event, a project, a major step is looming.

It can also simply refer to a passion or a hobby. You know your "other half" better than anyone and you probably know how to strike his or her heartstrings.

A Painting can respond to a fairly specific decoration desire, for example if you know that your partner is looking for a blue Artwork for the living room that will match the colors of a family vase. You can also take the lead and surprise by offering a Painting that represents your partner. "Love and Tenderness" Canvas are also a nice way to declare your love.

Offering an Artwork for Valentine's Day, for a wedding anniversary or just for fun, is a good opportunity to express your love with elegance and panache.

Salon avec Tableau sur la Cheminée évoquant un Chien

Give a Painting to your family

A Painting can symbolize an event marking a personal history or refer to common and shared memories between different members of the same family. The lemon tree at the country house, the view of the mountains near the chalet, grandpa's tractor, a cult film, or even the farm dog are all subjects and scenes evocative of a family story. A subtle and discreet nod is often enough to awaken memories and please.

There is no shortage of occasions: Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day, Grandmother's/Grandfather's Day, birthday, graduation, and any other event marking the shared life of a family or one of its members.

A Painting is a long-lasting gift, which is sometimes passed down from generation to generation, perpetuating both simple anecdotes and great family stories.

Enfant de dos observant un Tableau dans sa Chambre

Give a Painting to a Child

Whether or not it is your own children or grandchildren, a Painting is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Faced with a hand painted Canvas, a child will build multiple stories and imagine great adventures. This "slow time" is essential to the construction of a child: he is active, actor of his imagination and his emotions, unlike with a screen where he remains passive and where everything goes too fast.

Offering an Artist's Artwork to a child is also a great opportunity to make him aware of artistic creation, beautiful things, quality, know-how. A poster perfectly decorates a room, but will probably not have the same "character" nor the same emotional effect as a unique Painting made by an Artist. An Artwork can be passed down like a family heirloom, with a history and a strong emotional dimension.

As for adults, there are many occasions: at Christmas, for a birth, a birthday, a baptism etc.

Bodjaro Paintings from the "Childhood" collection are perfectly suited to arouse the imagination and reverie of little ones: representations are colorful and stylized.

Piano noir et Tableau évoquant un Artiste

Gifting a Painting to a friend

Whether on the occasion of a housewarming, a birthday party, a wedding or just to mark your friendship, offering a Painting to a friend is a highlight, symbolizing a long term friendship.

Whether the Painting evokes a common memory, a "trait" of character or a reminder of colors, one thing is certain, you will amaze and this gift will itself become witness to a lasting friendship.

Bureau de Société avec un Tableau d'un Pêcheur

Give a Painting to a Colleague

It is not always easy to choose an original gift for a colleague who is leaving a company after many years of faithful service, is celebrating a retirement or is celebrating a company success.

Several colleagues can easily join a pool to finance a Painting.

Over the years and discussions at the coffee machine, over a drink, on business trip, it becomes easy to know the sensitivities and tastes of a work colleague who is passionate about fishing or a fan of tulips. By choosing the theme of the Painting wisely, you can also send him a message of encouragement to pursue his passions or his dreams.

Chambre avec Tableau Bouquet de Fleurs

Give a Painting to yourself

Giving yourself a Painting is a great opportunity to treat yourself, to question your tastes and desires.

Such a gift is a source of satisfaction: the pleasure of being inspired, of browsing beautiful Artworks, of anticipating the future. The pleasure of the final rendering, of the novelty, of the pride of having succeeded in sublimating your interior. Finally, the pleasure of getting away from it all and enjoying a unique, vibrant Canvas every day, imbued with the sensitivity of an Artist and steeped in history.

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