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Cactus radius

Cactus radius

Arnandel, 2023

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  • Drapeau FranceHand painted in France
  • 41x33 cm   -   Acrylic
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Artiste Arnandel dans son Atelier

Presentation of the Artist

Arnandel likes to go into the great outdoors, get lost in the forest or in the mountains, feel the ocean spray, then return to his studio, full of sensations and freedom.

He experiences painting as a beautiful adventure, intensely. The scenes and characters he composes do not stay in place, the movement is a source of inspiration and imagination. Everything is history, nothing is set in stone. Always curious to experiment, he does not hesitate to explore new creative avenues.

Arnandel invites the spectator to immerse himself in the heart of a lively scene, to provoke the moment and offer himself a moment of escape, according to his experience, his sensitivity and his desires.