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Should paintings be framed?

You have just fallen for a Painting. It speaks to you, you know it is for you. You've already decided where to place it and can't wait to hang it on your wall. But a doubt assails you: should you frame it or not? We offer some actionable insights to help you in your choice.

The framing of a painting canvas is technically optional

Technically speaking, you don't have to frame your painting. Unlike Artworks on Paper, Paintings on Canvas do not need to be protected by a frame and a glass. Bodjaro Paintings offer a level of quality and finish that makes framing optional:

  • The Canvases are made of linen, stretched on a Fine Arts quality wooden frame. They stand the test of time
  • The edges are painted for a particularly neat rendering, even when looking at the Artwork from the side
  • A finishing varnish protects the paint and the material from external aggressions. One wipe to clean enough to remove the dust. The absence of glass protection also avoids sometimes undesirable reflections and makes it possible to better appreciate the relief of the paint.

But then, frame or no frame? The style of the Painting as well as the environment in which it will be hung may or may not plead in favor of a frame.

Dare to hang your painting "naked" 

Hanging a canvas painting naked, that is to say without having framed it beforehand, is the guarantee of letting it express itself without delimitation which may seem restrictive, imposed by tradition or habit. In general, an abstract canvas art will easily look great without a frame, especially if it brings a shimmer of colors to a modern and minimalist interior.

Magnify your painting with a frame

The frame separates the Artwork from its environment. This delimitation can be sought if you want to reproduce the effect of a window  open on the world. Some paintings are also magnified by a frame. The latter seems to proclaim that the Artwork is special and precious. Unlike "classic" frames, the American box has many advantages: sobriety, modernity and elegance. The painting seems to "float" and is not denatured because no stick comes to cover it.

Choose a frame adapted to the Artwork

For the prudent, it is recommended to choose a frame "relatively" adapted to the style of the Painting, from the most refined to the simplest, from the oldest to the most modern. At first glance, a Barbizon frame with gilded stucco and a refined work do not seem to be made for each other.
And the colors? A rather light painting will generally be sublimated by a dark border, and vice versa. However, it may be wise to opt for neutral tones rather than seek to reproduce the dominant color of a painting, the juxtaposition of close colors can sometimes clash and/or distract the viewer's attention. Depending on your interior decoration, but above all on the effect you want to produce, nothing prevents you from "thinking out of the frame" and daring more original associations!

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