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“I will surprise Paris with an apple” prophetically declared the painter Paul Cézanne.

How can simple fruits hold our full attention when they are immortalized on a canvas? This is all the beauty of Art which knows how to highlight life and its simplest pleasures.

Still lifes often depict food and dishes, we also speak of "bodegón" in Spanish which means "kitchen corner". Culinary traditions and good food are hedonistic themes that invite us to enjoy life to the fullest while there is still time.

A local product makes reference to the land and to ancestral methods. Painted, it exudes "cachet" and authenticity.

Bodjaro is not in search of the bunch of grapes painted with such realism that one would be mistaken. But of the one which, through its composition and its colors, brightens up your kitchen, refines the style of your living room or highlights your hallway.

Artworks available with the Theme Cuisine and Terroir