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Collection: Impressionism, the art of capturing the moment

Monet's Water Lilies, Degas' Dancers, Pissarro's Boulevard Montparnasse. This is what the term "impressionism" evokes for many of us. All these Paintings capture the instantaneous dimension of movement and the fleeting nature of light.

Their little touches of bright colors transcribe a feeling. It was a revolution for the time and the term was first used in a negative way by an art critic in front of the Artwork "Impression, soleil levant" by Monet in 1874. The Canvas was considered messy, blurry, too far from the academic style which builds patiently in the studio and not spontaneously in the outdoors.

You will find this aestheticism in the Bodjaro Paintings which give pride of place to the juxtapositions of colors and make the Canvas and hearts vibrate. For your interior decoration, impressionism can make a good impression.

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