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Artistic Line

Bodjaro Paintings aspire to awaken the senses, exalt the imagination and arouse beautiful emotions.

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    1. Stylized Representations

    We choose Artists who free themselves from reality and appraoch painting as a space of freedom. The line is forced or simplified to keep only the essential. Colors escape the laws of nature to better escape us. This stylization brings a decorative quality to the Canvas.

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    2. A Poetic Approach

    Compositions give prominence to allusions and symbols. The Artists seek to arouse emotions: their creations are executed with sincerity and brilliance. Artworks are conducive to the imagination and"reverie". We want to embellish your daily life with elegance and poetry.

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    3. Harmonious colors

    Whether the compositions are soft or lively, a feeling of unity emerges from each Painting. Artists have in mind that their Artworks will be exhibited in a place of life and not in a museum. The selected "color palettes" match naturally and easily with your interior, without getting bored.

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    4. Relief and Material

    The scenes imagined by the Artist are translated into brushstrokes and other tools at his disposal. These masses of material, their relief, their imperfection, their delicacy are all elements that leave the mark of the Artist. The Paintings are not "smooth" and invite to be touched.

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    5. Unique and Original Artworks

    Each Painting is unique and testifies to the emotion and sensitivity of the Artist at a given moment. The Artist can give birth to artistically similar creations, but no exact copy. To decorate or offer, we consider that a singular Artwork is rich with an extra touch of soul.

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    6. Positive Emotions

    The selected Artworks are intended to awaken your senses, stimulate your curiosity and your imagination. They inspire you every day and give you pleasure. We choose Paintings charged with positive emotions, sometimes with a dose of innocence and assumed freshness.

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Discover the Bodjaro Styles

Each Painting marketed in the Bodjaro Shop is linked to an Artistic Style. The Artists draw inspiration from the major trends in Art History while adding their personal touch.

Discover the Bodjaro Themes

The subjects and scenes represented by the Artists are, as in life, rich and varied; from a torrent falling from the mountains to a plane high in the sky along with a dancer in full ballet. On the Bodjaro Boutique, the Creations have been grouped by Theme. An Artwork, can belong to one or more themes.