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Collection: Childhood, artistic awakening

Bodjaro brings together in this style all the Paintings intended to decorate children's rooms.

Giving a Canvas to a toddler is opening the doors to the world of shapes and colors and gently introducing them to Art. It helps him to develop his imagination and his creativity. In this age of all-screen, a hand-painted Artwork is a refuge. The child can observe it at leisure in the smallest details and let his mind wander slowly.

For little ones, Bodjaro offers charming, fun and inspiring Paintings. Artists create them with their hands and hearts, to delight and why not stimulate little budding artists.

Timeless and eternal, the "Childhood" Paintings are intended to cross the generations. Like a Proust madeleine, it can awaken the toddler who secretly lives in each of us.

Artworks available with the Style Childhood