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Why buy a unique hand-painted Artwork?

Whether for pleasure or as a gift, the acquisition of a unique painting is a source of happiness and inspiration. Why ? Because Art does us good and because an original creation has more soul than a simple reproduction. Works of art are no longer reserved for a wealthy elite and you don't need to be an expert to appreciate beauty. The purchase of hand-painted paintings benefits everyone, buyers and creators, but also spectators.

A source of pleasure and well-being

It's scientifically proven that when looking at a painting that we like, our brain will be stimulated and will naturally produce dopamine, “the pleasure hormone”. To be surrounded by beautiful creations is to offer yourself the chance to benefit from the beneficial effects of art on mental balance: reduction of stress, stimulation of creativity, calming of the mind, etc. From there to prescribing relaxation sessions facing beautiful works, there is only one step, which Canadian doctors have taken with “museum” prescriptions. At home, on a daily basis, the painting has the power to escape us differently at every moment depending on the light and our state of mind.

An artistic touch to embellish our interior

Decorating your walls with hand-painted pictures means choosing to bring an authentic and personal touch to your decoration. If a reproduction can brighten up a place of life, it will lack this "carnal" aspect specific to a painting where the trace of its creator is still alive. The result obtained by a machine that prints millions of copies will always be "smoother" than a creation that comes out of an Artist's workshop. Why not treat yourself to this little luxury that changes from throwaway model and standardization? Especially since today it is quite possible to buy works of art at affordable prices. If there is one area where the pride of owning a unique and durable object can delight us, it is that of art and decoration, right?

Open up personally to art and bear witness to it

Acquiring a painting made by an artist-painter is more engaging than checking out a decorative item manufactured industrially and possibly on the other side of the planet. Beyond the higher price, the work and the sensitivity behind the object involves us. It is a property that can be kept for a lifetime, or even over several generations. Before deciding, the persons looking for a painting will certainly wonder about their tastes, their desires, their feelings about such an artistic style or such color palettes, in short, to learn about art or at least sharpen their artistic sensibility. The fun begins in the search. Even in the case of an impulse purchase, the painting canvas will be the witness of a personality and an experience.

Support and spread art

Once the painting is hung on the wall, it will not fail to arouse the interest and curiosity of your relatives and to fuel colorful discussions with your guests. If the purchase of a painting is very gratifying for the purchaser, it also participates in the propagation of art. You don't have to be a big patron to support creative expression. It is possible to encourage artistic creation at your level and within your means. Each buyer of hand-painted paintings in France supports and motivates artists by allowing them to live from their passion.

A gift that is out of the ordinary

The desire to please with something special naturally drives us towards objects that are long-lasting and take on sentimental value over the years. A hand-painted picture is a unique and original gift that can be given to a family member, friend or work colleague. It's a great way to materialize your affection, especially if the painting recalls a common story, revives a shared emotion or honors the passion of the loved one to whom the painting is offered.

A vector of communication for professionals

All the advantages mentioned above are applicable to business premises. A painting exhibited in a company is also an effective vector of communication, both with customers and employees. Waiting or catering room, hotel or hospital room, private practice or office, a board can personalize and embellish any type of place dedicated to professional exercise.

A tax-efficient "pleasure investment"

Even if the purchase of art is above all motivated by pleasure, it can also be an excellent way to diversify a financial wealth while realizing tax savings, provided you have an invoice drawn up by the seller. Depending on the countries, the resale of a work of art is not taxed below a certain amount of money. With a little luck and a lot of flair, the works acquired could increase in value, especially when it comes to emerging artists with promising talent. Under certain conditions, french companies can deduct from their results the acquisition of works of art and thus reduce their tax. 

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