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Anna Rivet

Artiste Anna Rivet dans son Atelier

Presentation of the Artist

Anna Rivet captures the essence of the natural beauty that surrounds her and transcribes it brilliantly in her Artworks, in a free and expressive manner.

By adding a touch of abstraction to her figurative forms, her Paintings give off a lively and energetic atmosphere. Her creations are often the reflection of her travels which enrich her with new perspectives and color palettes. She also draws from nature, seeking to capture its serenity and strength but also its connection with Humans.

Femininity is a recurring theme in her work through imagined portraits and symbolic representations. She expresses soft and delicate feelings, from joy to melancholy, with compositions that evoke tenderness, intimacy and inner beauty. She plays with different textures, techniques and color vibrations to gain grace, emotion and depth.

Available Artworks of the Artist Anna Rivet