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Quality Charter

Article 1. Quality of materials

1.1. All Artworks marketed by Bodjaro are painted on high quality 100% linen canvas, medium grain 475-498 g/m2. Linen is the reference support for Artists for its touch, its softness and its optimal conservation qualities: it offers much better stability over time than cotton because it is not very sensitive to humidity and very inelastic.

1.2. Each canvas is stretched on a Fine Art quality stretcher, handcrafted in France. The beveled sections made from solid PEFC-certified fir wood from the Vosges Region in France ensure perfect support for the canvas over time. Tension keys are previously fixed by the Bodjaro teams. The 73x60 cm size frames include a reinforcing brace.

Article 2. Quality of the Paintings

2.1. All marketed Artworks are unique, original and entirely hand painted. Each Painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity completed and signed by the Artist. This document describes the main characteristics of the Artwork (title, size, orientation, year of creation, Artist, etc.) and certifies its authenticity. It can be useful in case of resale of the Canvas.

2.2. All Bodjaro Paintings are painted by professional Artists residing in France, unearthed and selected for their Talent and their ability to convey emotions.

2.3. The Artworks follow an Artistic Line. Representations are generally suggested and stylized. The colors and the relief of the brush stroke reveal the sensitivity of the Artists. The latter often free themselves from details and seek to provoke the imagination and emotions of the viewer.

2.4. Before being marketed, each Painting is subject to an in-depth and demanding Quality Control. Bodjaro evaluates the artistic and technical qualities of the Artwork, such as the level of creativity and originality, the composition of the scene, the strength and confidence of the line, the management of colors, light, etc. but also the quality of the finishes.

Article 3. Quality of finishes

3.1. For each Painting, the 4 edges are painted with care, most of the time in the main colors of the Artwork and in continuity with the drawing. This finish ensures visual consistency, highlights the scene represented by giving it depth and allows you to hang the Canvas immediately without the use of a frame. Whatever the angle and position of the viewer in the room, he/she enjoys a perfectly finished Artwork.

3.2. All Paintings are carefully varnished, including the 4 painted edges, to be protected over time and ensure an impeccable finish.

3.3. Mounting brackets are systematically fixed by the Bodjaro teams to ensure optimal balancing of the Canvas. The rope attached to the pitons allows it to slide and adapt to any fixings and irregularities in the walls. Upon receipt of the package, you can hang your Painting immediately without any knowledge of DIY. Just hammer in a nail (or an adhesive fixing if you do not want to make a hole).

Article 4. Quality of delivery

4.1. The Paintings marketed are all unique and therefore already painted, checked, referenced, certified and stored, which guarantees fast and surprise-free shipping by the Company.

4.2. The preparation of the packages is carried out by professionals and the packaging used has been custom-made with quality and eco-responsible materials: the plastic bubble wrap has given way to embossed cardboard, 100% recycled and recyclable, certified FSC. Careful delivery for unique and quality Artworks.

4.3. The Company works with carriers recognized for their reliability, quality of service and territorial coverage. Home delivery with signature is included, regardless of the size of the Paintings.

Article 5. Quality of service

5.1. The Bodjaro teams photograph each Painting in high definition from all angles (front, back, zoom on the brush strokes, edges, interior simulation etc.) in order to allow a perfect visualization of the Canvas, down to the smallest details. With Bodjaro, no surprises.

5.2. Whether to decorate, offer or simply treat yourself, the Boutique has been designed to accompany you throughout your visit. You can consult tips to help you ask the right questions and refine your choice, gain confidence or simply get inspired.

5.3. The Bodjaro teams are located in France and are fully available by phone or email to advise you on the characteristics of a Painting, guide you on a gift project, a decoration project, or any other commercial or technical information you may need.

5.4. In the event of a gift to a loved one, you have the option of sending your package directly to the recipient and you can personalize a message when finalizing the order; this message will be printed on a beautiful sheet and attached to the recipient's package. Guaranteed effect!

5.5. Payments are 100% secure via the SSL/TLS and 3D Secure security protocol.

5.6 All Artworks can be returned free of charge within 14 days (excluding return transport costs at your expense) for any delivery within the European Union.