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Collection: Naive, the undisciplined painting elevated to the rank of Style

Naïve Art is a figurative pictorial style that does not respect the rules of academic art. Perspective is absent, the drawing is simplified and the bright colors are applied in "flat" areas. The whole thing evokes a childish universe. This slightly sentimental expression was first used in 1870 in a poem by Arthur Rimbaud. He then qualifies as "naive" the subjects of a tapestry in a cabaret. Their execution was surely ingenuous, but their contemplation nevertheless made the moment "adorable."

The poetic jungles of the self-taught French painter Henri Rousseau are emblematic of this artistic movement. The naive breath is also found in popular paintings from different countries, especially in Haiti. What a pleasure to lose your gaze in colorful cities or in the middle of small characters in a market place!

When joy is "canvased" to decorate and marvel, Bodjaro is charmed.

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