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Collection: The Abstract, the leap towards the imagination

An Artwork that does not represent observable reality can be qualified as abstract.

Therefore, why not display large scribbles of children in your living room? It would be fun but not necessarily very decorative or very convincing! It is not because the Artist frees himself from the constraints linked to the representation of reality that he can do anything to please.

Monochrome or explosion of colors, geometric or lyrical shapes, indefinable or deconstructed subject, abstract Artworks are very varied. However, all of them have in common the ability to give free rein to our imagination. An abstract Painting can even touch on a profound reality without being able to really explain it. Abstract Paintings are perfect for enhancing your living space because they are both conceptual and timeless, "design" and original.

Kandinsky, considered one of the most notable painters of the 20th century, considered that color could be orchestrated like music to deliver a message.

So open your eyes and listen, an Abstract Bodjaro Canvas may appeal to you.

Artworks available with the Style Abstract